PC & Workstation Maintenance

If you just use your PC regularly, and have never done any maintenance, you will most likely run into many problems, computer slows down, you get a lot of freezes, files and programs take forever to open. Good PC maintenance involves a number of different jobs, from hardware to software. The frequency of the maintenance will depend on how often the computer is used.

Our service items for contract customers including:

  Remote Assistance & Support

Remote Assistance provides a way for you to get the help you need when you run into problems with your computer. Once your computer connect to the internet, our engineer can remote control your computer via a security tunnel after get your approval. It's fast, easy and effective.

  On-site Support

If you encounter some problems that can not be solved by remote assistance, our engineer will come down to your office ASAP. Our response time is within four hours for contract customers.

  Hard Disk Status Check & Cleanup

Hard disk drive(HDD) is used a lot during your computer sessions, a lot of use can result in physical damage to the HDD, as well as other damage such as file lost, unknown or unreadable. We need ensure you important data is safe by checking HDD status regularly to see if there are any potential problems. Meantime, we will cleanup your HDD because a full HDD will run slow, and it will take longer to do the above processes as there are more files to scan.

  Operating System Maintenance

After a long time use, the operating system will became slow and slow. Sometimes even freezing, blue screen or reboot automatically. It causes by adware, spyware, malicious software and virus etc. Plus install a anti-virus software, the computer also need a regular maintenance.

  Hardware Upgarde

Nowadays the computer technology develop rapidly. A computer may can't meet the requirement even after one year or two. Our technican will look at each PC component individually to discuss the pros and cons of an upgrade. Our goal is to make your every single dollar count.